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Promote your services with a banner ad on our website.

Links to your website

Backlinks are considered by all search engines as a great way to help with your search engine rankings. A link from Cheapest Oil, an authority on heating homes in the US, will help boost your credibility amongst both our visitors and search engines.

Banner ads are sold on an annual basis and will be considerably cheaper for counties than they are for the state page. So for example, if you deliver oil to one or two counties, it would be much cheaper to place an ad for 2 counties than for the entire State page.

We have an introductory offer of $500 for the entire year per county (that’s less than $42 a month!) for the first ad purchased in each county.

In future, prices will vary depending on the popularity of a county. Prices for the state wide pages will also vary considerably.

Banner ads should be 240 x 60 (240 pixels wide, 60 pixels in height), should be provided by you and can link to your website or social media page.

Where more than one banner ad exists on a page, the order the ads will appear will be randomized each hour. We reserve the right to regret an ad without explanation.

Send us an email at for more info. We accept payment via Paypal or bank transfer.