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Common Queries

Q. How much is 100 gallons? How much is 250 gallons?

Unfortunately, we only survey the prices for 150, 300 and 500 gallons of grade 2 heating oil or Kerosene and wouldn't have any quotes for any other quantities.

Q. Where is my heating oil order?

We just compare the prices and have no idea if you order heating oil or not. For this information, we recommend contacting your chosen supplier.

Q. I was given a different quote from the one displayed on your website so Is your site inaccurate?

The prices are updated very often to keep them up to date. However we would advise that users check prices for themselves also.

We only quote for grade 2 oil or kerosene. The price of other fuels will be different.

Quotes can vary by location. There may be extra charges depending on your method of payment.

Credit card charges, for example, can sometimes add more cost to an order.

Note that some oil suppliers may have dual pricing for online orders and orders over the phone so you may receive a different quote if you call them.

If this does not answer your query, you can contact Cheapest Oil using the form or email address below.


Supplying your name and email address is completely optional though we can not reply to you if you do not fill these in.

Alternatively, send an email to:

Remember - we don't take orders for heating oil and are unable to recommend a supplier.